Monday, July 31, 2006

Almost There....

By this time tomorrow night I will have my first law school exam under my belt. I think I'm ready, although there are some lingering doubts. I'll spend tomorrow in the library brushing up, practicing an essay or two, making sure I have my cases ready to cite...etc. If you are reading this, please send me a good thought or two, it might help.

In other news, my parents packed-up and drove to Pocatello yesterday. It was sad talking to my mom, she sounded depressed. It was her choice to move though, I'm sure she'll get better once they are settled.

The dog has developed a slobber problem, this morning we woke up and the bed was just soaked where she had been sleeping. She has a vet appointment tomorrow morning just to make sure she hasn't ingested some sort of poison or something. Other than the drool, she is okay, still is hyper and has an appetite.

Well, I should go over a few more subjects before going home (I'm at the library).

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