Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Docs

Today, I ran nearly 11 miles. My route took me through the UW campus, down Ravenna Blvd to Greenlake, of which I did 1 lap, and then back. While running through campus I was surpised by a smallish crowd milling around the fountain and red square. Upon closer inspection, the larger crowd was made up of small bunches of people, usually a couple parents and a twenty-something-aged student. In the hands of each student was a box, in the box, a brand new stethoscope. Yup, it must be the welcoming orientation for the new med students.

I always love this time of year, seeing young student on campus, ready to start a new chapter in thier lives. These kids are about to embark on a expecially exciting chapter, med school. I wonder if the UW med school have benefited from the show Grey's Anatomy. It was a top notch school before, but I wonder if it now has a cool factor not attained in US News and World Reports.

Sometimes I wish I were starting school again - to be starting law school over or even to be an undergrad. Or, if I could do it again, would I have chosen med school? I was only 1 chemstiry class shy of having all my med school pre-reqs done. Alas, perhpas in another lifetime.