Sunday, July 30, 2006

Too Much for a Sunday Morning

I am a Mel Gibson fan, from the cheeky Mad Max films to his directing debut in Man Without a Face, etc...but apparently he's a nut. I have yet to see the Passion, namely because I'm afraid it would be like watching a train wreck, gruesome but you can't look away. All I know is that he is a good movie maker, he's an evangelical, and he's a nut.

I think this is why many of us are a bit weary of evangelical. I have a suspicion if you poured a little vodka in the punch bowl at the next campaign for Christ seminar, that a good number of them would start spouting the same garbage the Mel did, staggering around blaming the Jews and other heathen for ruining what could be paradise on earth. Do they hate the Jews, do they hate Muslims, do they secretly just opine for Christ to comeback and throw down with all these heathens that they have to live with? I know a lot of them support Israel, but I have a suspicion that they only support the state because they view it as a key linchpin in there doomsday wetdream.

I might be a little sore regarding this issue given the recent event where some man (Muslim I believe) walked into the Jewish league here in Seattle and just started firing, blaming the Jews for the wars in the Middle East and all other ills. This bloodshed and hate only serves to drive me, and I assume people like me, away from organized religion. If these religious fanatics, be it Muslims, Christian, or Jews, really thought about the teaching of their prophets, do truly believe that they would want to drive away people from religion because the followers are violent nuts?

Of course, perhaps religion is the answer? If we all embraced the same god would all killing and hate stop? Sure, if we all succumb to the same mindset what would there to be to fight over? But who wants that? Just every dominate religion out there, I suppose. Conform or die seems to be the new message, the radical Muslims believe they'll kill us now if we don't conform, the radical Christians believe you'll burn forever later if you don't conform, it's all very violent and punitive system.

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