Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hanging In There...

Just an update, I am still among the living...

I've been pretty busy as I am both prepping for my Crim Law final and, since this is my last week of work, trying to wrap things up on the professional front. Normally, I would be staying late trying to get some projects out the door so my manager isn't screwed (I really do like the guy, he's been very good to me), but with this test to prep for I can't stay late or work through lunch (these time are devoted to study). Thus, I think I'll leave a lot unresolved which is unlike me, grrr..(the grrr is my online expression of frustation). Things should open up next week after the test, though.

I have two weeks before the start of the fall quarter and I'm hoping to get some work done on our home projects, we have the plumber and the electrician coming soon so I need to work tearing down the lath & plaster and taking out the fixtures in the bathroom to expose the pipes. I'll try to post some pics of the progress (and the mess) given that the internet is a visual medium and so many of the kids today don't want to read...just show us some pics already!

In other news, there is another life changing event happening this week in addition to leaving my career. My parents move this weekend. I feel a little like a bastard child given that I'm the only one not coming over to help them move. My brother and sister are coming up from Pocatello and my other brother is driving down from Sandpoint to help them pack-up into the moving vans. My parents understand my absence, of course, they know that I have to stay and study for the exam, but's tough when you can't be there to help and say goodbye. Despite my guilt I'm sure my oldest brother will somehow try to make me feel bad for not being a better son and being there to help, every Christmas from now on he'll bring it up. Despite that fact that I'm nearing 30 and he's pushing 40 he still talks to me like I am an 8 year old (wonder if that will ever end).

Well, I'm just rambling and I have a lot of work to do, so bye for now. Thanks for reading.

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