Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy Birthday (if somewhat belated)

Our baby turned a year old on July 12!! And yes, we are those type of people who have no children and therefore treat our pets like they were kids, and what of it...

This pic was out on my parent's boat over the Fourth of July weekend. She's a Boston Terrier, for those of you not up on your AKC breeds. Here's a little trivia for ya, the Boston Terrier was the first breed to orginiate in the USA. It was also the number one breed in the 20-30's, sort of the labrador of the depression era. Thus, our dog is very popular amongst the older crowd. Every time we are out with her, we usually encounter a senior citizen who had a Boston as a child, or their parents had one, etc...

Most of the dog I had growing up were larger breed with the exception of a Daschund. Currently, my sister has two black labs, my mom has giant boxer, and my brother in law has a yellow lab, so I am a little partial to bigger breeds, however, I am going to admit that I think the Boston should make a comeback as America's number 1 breed, they are smart, cute (just look at the pics) and just great little dogs.

Here's few more shots.

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