Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Glad that's over, my first law school exam is under my belt and I'm on my way. I so glad the SU allows 1Ls to take one class early and get at least one class of experience with briefs, studying law, and taking an exam before having to dive in full time. For those that didn't take the opportunity, you have my sympathy, it would be tough diving into a full class load in addition to learning how to brief and have to take all your tests with out any expectations. At least those who took the summer class had an ability to figure out what worked and what didn't in studying the law, an thus far I've found that what you did as an undergrad isn't probably not going to work anymore.

A couple of updates..I feel ancient. Sure, there are people who are older than my, in fact the average age at the law school is suppose to be just a year younger than my own age. BUT, a lot of people are on the traditional track (four year undergrad and then straight to law school) which mean they were born in 1984, '84! In addition to that, they have facebook. What is facebook, for those of you who went to school circa '00, it's an online directory of people in your schools network that give you picture of people, there dislikes, likes, their freaky peccadilloes, and various what not you weren't suppose to know about people until you were married. When I was going to school you had to actually talk to people to find out what they liked, know you just have to narrow your search criteria to someone who matches you and sent out an email. Time changes, I'm still trying to determine if this is for the better or worse?

In other news, I'm spending the next few days between the start of fall term to work on our remodel. Here's a few pic for those of you who peruse the new looking to titillating pictures of plaster, paint, and powertools (yes, the dirty 3 p's of home improvement...Here you go you dirty contractors, you.)


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