Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Grit, Grime and Plaster

I've been very busy lately working on our house remodel. So much so, that I've completely lost touch with most things including: blogging, reading the paper, talking to people, bathing... To tell the truth, lately I've been getting all my current events from the Today Show, egads!!! Hopefully things will settle into more of a pattern soon, it's back to law school next week where I can talk to people other than my dog and my drill. It should offset the loneliness on the home front, the wife left for a couple of weeks in Europe with her mother and sister and left me here to study and finish the bathroom. Hope she sends a post card or two...

Anyway, here a few shots of what I've been up to.

Where it started, note the tile work and green tub.

Here it is after the plaster, lath, and about a half day of my life has been removed. Note the green tub is still biding it's time.

In this shot I'm introducing the iron green monster to my friend, the hammer, say hi hammer.

This what was left after leaving hammer, his bigger brother sledge, the green iron tub monster, and my latent aggression alone for half an hour.

Into the green iron tub's old slot, a nice new jetted tub.

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