Thursday, August 24, 2006


It turned cold here in Seattle. The weatherman assures us that it will warm back up by the weekend, that summer isn't over. I know he's lying. Sure, it will get warmer, but there is something on the cool breeze, something that seems to tease the green leaves and flowers, taunting them, letting them know that the heat is escaping, running to the other half of the planet for another season, and soon the living plants will have to sleep for the winter. So, I will simply pull out one of my fleece vests and wait for summer to return.

The changing of the season also cements my transition back to a student. Law School has begun and we are all hustling from class to class, we spend our time in the library or huddled around cups of coffee talking about cases we've read, it's an exciting time for sure. In a couple of weeks the undergrads come back to school, I'm eager to see how their presence will change the atmosphere here, if at all.

Deep in my belly is a lingering desire to be in Moscow. I most closely associate the fall to Idaho, more than any other season. When the greenery starts to fall off the trees, the scent of the cold air mingled with the odor of decaying leaves brings me back to memories of walking around the Moscow campus, having a beer in the fraternity house watching the people go up and down the street outside, and going to football games. I wonder if I will even begin to associate fall with this new school, with it's smells and events, or if part of my heart will always be staked out by Idaho.

But what of the last four year and all the season inbetween. In truth, I barely remember the last four or five year of work. It is sad, I know, which is what prompted me to go back to school, I didn't want to wake up in 30 years and wonder where my life had gone to.

Anyway, I'll try to post again soon, perhaps give some commentary on current events (when was the last time I read the paper, a week ago?) and some updates on the house. For anyone reading, thanks for stopping by.

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