Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Youth, where have you gone?

I think I'm fairly recovered from this weekend. The late nights, a beer or two in excess, the excitement of the Idaho v. BSU game, and 10 hours of driving to and from Moscow left me exhausted and feeling a little old.

When we were in Moscow, my friends and I spent time at the old fraternity house telling stories and bullshiting about our college days. Those memories seem like only yesterday and it didn't seem possible that we've had enough time to built families and careers between then and now. Yet, we have. Even the seniors in the fraternity house seeme so young to me, I guess this my first incline of the fact that I am truly an adult.

On the flip side of aging though is an excitement. For the first time I spend time with some older alumni at various college events. You know the type with silver gray hair, who talk in confident voices, talk about their multi million dollar homes, and write checks to the school have have more zero's in them then my donations do. I'm looking forward to becoming one of them; aged, seasoned, and happy.

In conclusion, the late 20's and early 30's is a good time in my life. I'm old enough to no longer consider myself a kid and still have a long life ahead of me to look forward to. Yes, it's a great time in deed.

PS. I didn't take any pic of the Idaho Campus this time around, although I should have, it was gorgeous and dressed in fall colors. Despite BSU prowess on the field, they don't have our campus (the BSU campus is basically an office complex down by the river - it isn't the traditonal, ivy covered retreat like ours). So, I've pulled some pic from the internet to give my readers an idea if you've never been to Moscow before.

The Rec Center built after I graduated, I paid for it but never got to use it.

A snowy admin building, brings back a lot of memories of trudging up the hill to class through the snow.

The Memorial Gym in the background with the Swim Center in the fore.

The Library Clock Tower.

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