Tuesday, October 03, 2006


My current mood is somewhat dark. Outside the skies have turned cloudy, a thick layer of clouds that I know from experience will not burn away in the afternoon. God, I miss summer already.

To top it off, the world seems even more dark than normal as well. On the news there is yet another pedophile scandal in congress, there was yet another school shooting by a crazy man who went into a place where children should be safe and shot them. There seems an overabundance of horror out there, a lot more directed at the innocent that the world should have to bear. If I wear a man prone to flagrant exaggeration, I would say that we are near the point of society crumbling apart.

But I'm not that man. Things are bad. Things are turning dark. But, there will be light again, summer will return and for every evil in the world perpetuated by men, I believe that there are an infinite number of good works done to counterbalance it. Every religion acknowledges that life is pain, that being human is enduring sorrow and misfortune. What amplifies it is that most of us have tasted joy and can not bear this misery with the taste of pleasure still on our lips. But, I will grin and swallow this latest dark pill and be content, for tomorrow may bring more pain but it might bring joy as well.

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