Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm not afraid...

I'm not afraid, sorry GW, I'm just not. Despite this latest barrage of fear bombs that the oval office has been throwing at us, the American people, to justify the use of torture and to ramp up the president’s poll numbers; I am not afraid. At least, not for the United States anyway; true, I'm afraid of terrorists and their ability to kill and maim my fellow citizens, but I don't believe that our fundamental believe in freedom and equality can be destroyed by them. The only people who can destroy America are Americans.

Had we a better leader, a president that was more concerned with his oath to uphold and defend the constitution than his mistaken understanding of what Jesus wants, than an attack in every major American city could not shake our foundation. But, we don't have that leader do we? We have GW. I think GW and his cronies are the biggest ally that the terrorists have in defeating America, not just an ally in killing its people, but killing its soul.

Our founders were very fond of our constitution. So much so, that they wrote into the document an oath to protect it that the president would have to take (a pledge that has been adopted by congress and our armed forces btw). They didn't include this pledge haphazadly because it sounded good. No, they knew that the constitution would be hard to follow for our leaders in the years to come. The constitution isn't a document of the simple; it isn't an expression of everyday norms. Instead, it is a document that is hard to live by, a document of freedom in the face of fear, a document of discipline in the face of anarchy. They knew that there would be times when America would find it hard to live up to, they knew that various trials and tribulation would come around that would test our mettle, but they wanted it to stick. Too bad we didn't elect someone with more mental fortitude and an ability to sacrifice himself and his poll number in order to uphold his oath.

Anyway, e’nuff said, nothing I can do tonight about such things....

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