Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Get me off this sinking ship!!!

The Seattle schools superindent has called it quits. Not to say that I blame him, what a thankless, difficult job. The school district has over 40,000 students, which alone would make the task of managing the district difficult, but futhermore; enrollment is declining drastically, the budget will be 20M in the red next year, there is a huge gap between the rich schools (mostly white) and the poor schools (mostly black/latino), and the parents and teaches won't compromise anything. If this was in the job posting would anyone take the job? With such important work at risk, the education of our city's future, the need for a qualified leader is paramount. I'm about 3-4 year out from having a kid, and so 8-9 years away from needing the use of public school myself, so I'm hoping that the next candidate can work a miracle over the next decade.

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