Sunday, October 08, 2006

Inner Tiger

I keep my consciousness in a cage.
I feed it tasks, goals and objectives.
Endlessly it feeds.
If I were to stop feeding it, would it become aware that is caged?
Would it turn in on itself, devouring, ravishing away at notions of myself, stripping away all that is me until nothing is left aside from the bloody remnants of me in it teeth.
Is this insanity?
Or, if it knew that is was caged, would it break free?
Would it throw itself against the bars, bending them with the force of it’s will until they snap?
My consciousness finally free, would it run away to places unseen and devour things not yet tasted?
I keep my consciousness in a cage and endlessly it feeds.

God, I can't believe I'm actually writing poety now. Seriously, will my procrastination stoop to no low, what else will I do to avoid briefing cases for property law?!

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