Monday, May 08, 2006

We are at War People!

We shouldn't be surprised by this action, putting a current Military officer in charge of our intelligence community is in line with his previous actions of urspuring war powers that have never been used in the modern age and generally treating the press and congress like a kitty box. Clearly, this administration believes that the United States is in the war of it's life and needs to take drastic (albeit Draconian) measures that are seemingly in contradiction to the democratic core of our nation.

But why hasn't this urgency, this knowelege of how dire the war issues is, translated to the American people to justify his actions (Bush has tried scaring us enough, why hasn't it stuck). We continue to live our lives much the same, we continue to consume crap from Walmart, the economy continues to burn hot on expensive fuel, and we sleep peacefully in our beds hopped up on Ambien and Percoset. This war is not costing Middle America anything. It is consuming our military son and daughters, but that toll is carried mostly by the poor, not the middle classes. The pain of the military and the poor has yet to pierces the heart of Middle America.

Then again, althought the President says we are at war, and we see the images of the battles and our casualties strewn about on the sandy soil of Iraq, the war is still difficult to comprehend. Yes, we were attacked by a terroist group. But for a nation that understands that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line this war seems difficult to fathom. Instead of going from point A (a safe America) to point B (a safe America w/ defeated terroism), Bush has taken us to point J and promises that it will work in getting us to point B, albeit through Iraq and stirring up the whole mideast in the process.

I don't see his vision, I don't agree with these war powers, the degredation of the consitution's power of the executive branch, or the burden that poor have been asked to give with the blood of their youth, but I do hope he can and that it truly the best course for us all.

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