Monday, May 08, 2006

Pseudo Celeb

While picking up my manager from Boston's Logan International airport I had a minor celeb sighting. I was waiting in one of those generic airport chairs by the baggage claim watching videos on my IPOD when down the escalator came, Ann Coulter

She was in a long white coat and jeans, behind her was a man who was a few inches shorter than she and wearing a beard. I assume he was her handler or something like a mgr or assistant, not sure what type of job he had. I didn't watch them much as I wasn't certain that it was her until she stopped a few feet in front of my before heading back up the escalator (which had stopped for some reason). Later, a throng of people from a flight from DC came down to baggage claim, so I assuem she had been on the flight from DC and had been let off early.

That's pretty much it. Not very exciting...not like I saw the president or something, but still, it beats a blog entry about my cubicle! (Disclaimer: I may be way off base here, perhaps it was just some blonde in the airport. It's not like she was ranting about democrats or something!)

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Anonymous said...

Was there an Adam's apple?