Friday, November 17, 2006

Rhyme & Reason

Despite being a happily married fellow, I am guilty of occasionally letting my mind wander down the dusty paths in my memory to the places where I keep old girlfriends. Therefore, my interest we peaked when I found reference to a girl I had once dated on a myspace page that referenced her recent marriage. After some myspace stalking and internet searching, I was able to ascertain who she married, where she lives/works, and a photo of her new husband. Beyond the fact that it is more than a little scary that I could gather so much info about someone so quickly, it has given birthed a few random thoughts about what might have been.

If I had stayed with this girl, if we had been meant for one another (whatever that means), what would have happened? Where would we have lived? Would I have ever made it to law school, would I have made it here faster? Would I have ever relocated to Seattle? How would her life be different, how would mine be changed? Questions, Questions. One could drive themselves nuts looking backwards and second guessing.

The experience has reaffirmed something, though, when I look at where this girl is living and what she is doing: I'm happy and satisfied with the choices I’ve made regarding my wife and would not trade our lives together for anything. I would not be happy where this old girlfriend is, and I doubt she would be happy where I am, I guess this is why the relationship never worked out in the first place.

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