Sunday, November 19, 2006

Odds and Ends

I'm currently on the 3rd floor of the law library sitting at a study carrel and doing an outline of my Torts class. From my location, I can see the flag flying atop Swedish Hospital on First Hill. The flag is looking slightly ragged; the ends are starting pull apart as the alternating stripes of red and white are coming undone. They really should take her down and give the flag a proper burial; it's shameful to let her get to that point. If anyone is reading this who works at Swedish, please let those in charge know. (Or, it could all be an optical illusion based upon the mere force of the wind, I don't know for sure)

Also, they are starting to decorate for Christmas on campus. The grounds crew, in thier rain gear, is out hanging lights on the trees and there is a large Christmas tree lying outside the law school entrance. It's nice. I don't remember the U of Idaho decorating; we decorated on Greek row, but I don't remember the school itself doing anything. Then again, it probably couldn't given that it was a gov't entity. I imagine here, at SU, a Catholic school, that Christmas is a big deal. Anyway, it's nice to see.

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