Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mick McGavick, Democrats, and Fox News

Just a few observations on last night elections...

Mike McGavick gave a superb concession speech; it was an example that he is a good guy and could have been a good senator. However, he had no real chance of winning as he lost the Senate race the minute he opened his mouth in E. Washington to bad mouth Seattle. You can't win a state election by alienating the largest city in the State, especially when E. Washington just doesn't have the population to back up it's republican bravado. Mike is a good guy, he had some good ideas, and now he has something to think about for next time.

I don't know what to think of the democratic control of the US House (and possibly Senate). I think the election night results are just another sign that Americans, at our core, hate absolute power in a single party. We were willing to give George this power for a while because we were scared and still had faith that he could do something with it, but he turned out to be a terrible despot who hasn't taken any apparent positive strides forward despite the power he had been given. Now, the people have taken that power back.

I'm a little ashamed of my home state, between passing the gay marriage ban and electing a man who correlates Abortions with cancer and was call an idiot by the head of his own party to the house, my state appears to be a mindless drone following the red flag where it takes them. I might not wear any of my Idaho sweatshirts for a few days. Utah and Idaho have proved decisively that they are the "reddest" state in the nation.

Hopefully now, Cantwell can get Washington’s State sales tax exemption back now that republicans who hijacked the issue in order to get their minimum wage cut passed (which they didn’t so they lost and the citizens of 13 other state has increases in taxes thank to R’s) are out of power. I’m hoping Maria Cantwell picks up the banner again and get this done. Other than that, I’m not getting too excited about much happening, maybe the D can get some education reform passed and do something to heal the nation after 12 years of divisive R control, but I doubt it. I’ve become rather pessimistic about politics and hope deep down I’m wrong and it won’t be more of the same.

I watched the returns on Fox News, which was hilarious. Some of the commentors actually seemed like they were on the verge of tears, fair and balanced my ass! The look on Sean Hannity's face all night was priceless.

Anyway, despite being national blog posting month my posts might trickle down to nothing soon. Finals are approaching fast (beginning of next month) so my thought will soon be narrowed to Torts, Contracts, Property Law, Civil Procedure, and that will probably leave blogging as past time best left for late December.

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