Sunday, September 17, 2006

What's going on....

Well, it is about 20 minutes until 9 on a Sunday night and I’ve been at the law library for about two hours with nothing to show for it except a couple hours wasted surfing the net. Before I head home, I thought I might make a post for those few faithful readers out there….

Well, law school is pretty much what I expected. Read, brief cases, and then, maybe if you can get a word in edge wise in a 90 person class, talk about them in class. Repeat. The work load is still pretty light or it might just be me. Some of my peers, especially those who haven’t worked before (straight from undergrad) have started to complain regarding the reading load, but so far I haven’t noticed. This isn’t half as much work as a real job and, at least, the subject matter is interesting.

Tomorrow the undergrads start class. It should changed the vibe on campus and probably create lines at the Starbuck across the street from the law school. I already feel old; I can’t imagine how I’ll feel with these teenagers about? The freshmen class was born in 1988, 1988!!

I took a walk on campus today before coming to the library. One thing about a private school versus a public school, we have better gardeners. Judging from my jogging path around UW, I’m not even sure that UW can even afford grounds staff anymore. The vegetation on their campus is all dry and dying. It doesn’t look like they even bother planting flowers anymore. SU, however, has oodles and oodles of plants and flowers on campus. It’s all very pretty. I’m looking forward to the foliage change. Some of the trees have started to turn with the recent cool down we’ve had, the fringes of the leaves have started to lighten as if they are being lit from inside. On my walk, I also noticed that the building across from the chapel (I think it’s the business school?) has what appears to be a huge, Chihuly chandelier. It might not be a Chihuly, though, as it isn’t listed on his website. However, his website only gives the locations of public installations and since SU is a private university I imagine it wouldn’t be listed. I might go over one day and have a closer look.

The bathroom remodel is almost done. However, as noted in my previous post, the electrician did not actually install the plugs and switches. While most of the plugs and switches aren’t a problem to install, the bathroom switches and plug present a puzzle and I can’t figure out how he wired it. I think I’m might have to call back the electrician and have him come do it. It hopefully won’t be more than an hour or two of work. The kitchen is on deck next. We have finally gotten the wood floor guy to agree on a date to come refinish the floors, so we have about a week and a half to get the old tile off of them. My dad gave me a tip he saw on the tv of freezing the tile with dry ice, and then it will break off, glue and all, from the floor beneath. I’m assuming it can’t be that easy, but I’ll give it a try.

In other new, I hope to have more discipline about reading up on current events. Lately, I’ve been so disconnected from what’s happening outside the walls of my own home and that of the law school. I hope to blog some more on current events, but I’m just not informed enough about anything going on right now (I guess I could turn this into a law blog, but I doubt people want to read my thoughts on adverse possession or the tort of battery).

Anyway, thanks for reading.

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