Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hey, Hey, What's Going On...

The world is pretty cruel, case in point, this story about T.O. Sure, he is an ass on (and apparently off) the field and we can all resent the millions he earns, however, no one with the type of depression required to try and commit suicide should have to suffer it in public, and then have some law student in Seattle point it out in his blog.

Anyway, things are pretty busy.
• Law school is plodding along, I've written my first legal memo and all I can say it that the art (and I do mean art) of citations is laborious, I'm sure I'll be thanking god for paralegals in the future.
• The house is coming along, the bathroom is finished except for a few little paint touch ups and some caulking (believe me, it’s amazing how many hours of laughter the word caulk gives me). The kitchen has been emptied and the floors are being sanded and polished as I type. After they dry, we’ll install cabinets and the appliances, and we will be fully functional again. Needless to say, it’s been a long two months without a kitchen or upstairs bath. I’ll post pictures for any of you readers who are interested (are there any?)
• I’ve been distracted by other forms electronic media lately. I’ve finally joined the myspace and facebook crowd, which probably means that these websites will shut down soon because if I’ve joined them they can’t be cool anymore. These sites are pretty omnipresent on college campuses, I might link to my myspace page, but it means that I’ll be giving my blog reader(s) more insight into who I am, is this a good idea??

That’s about it. Have a nice day, it's a gorgeous late summer day in Seattle btw. I’ll try to post something more substantive later…

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