Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is that warm toasty feeling coming from the rum in my egg nog, or the nuclear warhead stockpile 20 miles from my house!!!

I was feeling all warm and cozy last night. I was in an old college sweatshirt, slippers on my feet, a little bit of the Yule tide ‘nog in my belly, and the warm feeling that comes from having only 1 test left before Christmas break, and I was feeling pretty good about things. But then, I read this article. I have known about the submarine base located not far from Seattle, but I've never really thought of the implication of it being so close to Seattle. Imagine, nearly a 1/4 of our nuclear arsenal is located stone's throw from downtown and one of the largest population center in the west. I am normally a pretty rational person, and I know that the base is extremely safe. The subs are well guarded and the chance of an accident is remote, but still...it does give me pause. Anyway, back to studying.

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