Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To Vote…

My ballot came in the mail the other day. It sits in my mail bin waiting for me to vote for President, Governor, and other offices and initiatives. I'm tempted to vote now. The ballot is a Christmas present that I've discovered under my parent's bed and I am using all my restraint to keep from taking it out and playing for a few minutes before my parents come home.

I don't want to vote just yet. I want to save it, to fill it out on November 4th, and take it to my local polling location and drop it in the bin. To be part of the masses, voting in unison on the same day to secure our wants and desires for the direction of our Nation and States. To vote early is a lonely affair.

Yet, I know that isn't rational. There is no reason not to vote now. At this point, after enduring months of campaigning, listening to sound-bites, and reading countless articles, my mind is made up. There is little that could change my mind at this point. My vote will have the same impact now than if I wait. So why not vote today, get it out of the way, save some time on that November Tuesday, and let the State's election department get a head start?

So, I think I will vote early after all, perhaps soon, perhaps now. I'll secretly go into my mailbox, pull out my present of democracy early, and start to play.