Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm good karma...

At least for schools that I attend. It seems that every higher education institution I attend gets lots of cool shit after I graduate.

Case in point, when I was at the U of Idaho I attended my business classes in the gloriously decrepit Administration Building. Like any great 100 year old building, the goal was to make you as uncomfortable as possible when inside so you would try to get outside and work in the fields as soon as possible (hey, it's a land grant school, got encourage ag people). Hence, the classrooms hovered around 125F in the late spring and early fall and plummeted to around -273C during the cold months (the physics department was really jealous.) I also had to work out in the dome, a 70's era plywood indoor football stadium for those of you not in the know, with workout equipment that was original to the dome's date of construction. After I graduated, the business department built a new building with all the modern bells and whistles (I'm sure it's neat, all the students get laptops now, we got a piece of chalk). The school also got a new rec center with fancy equipment, the tallest climbing wall west of the Mississippi, etc... I'm sure everyone is campus is all buff and hot now.

Admin Building, where I had business classes

The new business school that opened up right after I graduated

My streak has continued. Seattle U had announced a new capital campaign (they've already raised 135 million and are entering the public phase.) It will be using the money to revamp the library, expand the college, move up to Div I sports, and build a fancy new rec center for the students.

Likewise, the new student rec center which opened right after I graduated

Your welcome various student bodies, it all should be done just in time for me to walk off with my doctorate in hand.

I should farm myself out to various student bodies around the nation. Hey, have a crappy campus? Give me a scholarship and I guarantee, things will be much better, just in time for me not to enjoy any of it.

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