Monday, March 10, 2008

Pics 'n Tid-Bits

My lack of posting can be explained by simply saying that life has gotten in the way. It's been a busy semester full of writing legal briefs, making oral arguments, and reading cases; the gristle of a second year law student.

A couple weeks ago my wife and I took a weekend trip into the Cascades to do some snow-shoeing at B&B outside Leavenworth. It was a great trip. We highly recommend the Mountain Home Lodge to anyone. The staff was friendly, the food superb, and the entire weekend was rejuvenating.

Here are some pics:
Just a shot from up in the mountains

The owners of the lodge have a number of dogs who will follow you out on your day's hike. Dog rental = no charge
this is me, once again, proving that I take a horrible picture

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