Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I've been struck with a severe case of procrastination this morning, I have spent three hours (from 7 am until 10 am) in the library and haven't done anything aside from reading a three page case for Torts class and reading blogs. Argh...I have a draft of a 18 page memo due next Monday and I need to seriously catch up on my class outlines, but I'm not making any progress despite ample opportunity!!!

I think this instance of procrastination is a side effect of a mild cold I've contracted. As colds go, this one is pretty lame, it hasn't ever gotten off the ground and I'm currently limping along with mild congestion and a scratchy throat. But, it's been pretty long lasting; I have had it since at least Friday.

I'm looking forward to taking a nap this afternoon between classes, how sad, to look forward to sleep.

Anyway, tonight I'm attending a showing of a documentary followed by a lecture by two of our professors about a case they worked on, Doe v. Unocal. It should be pretty interesting; it's a case about villagers in Burma bringing a tort action against Unocal in US courts. I should go on a run after the movie, according to my Nike+ipod thing I'm falling behind my goals and need to put in a few more miles...but I probably won't. I'll blame it on my cold and put it off for another day.

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