Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What do I say now?

I have been reading blogs for sometime. Be it Eric Alterman's blogs during the election (sorry, I don't read much of your stuff anymore Mr. Alterman), or Dave Olivera's blog about my hometown of Cd'A ID, or even Bob Salisbury blog (although I skip over the poetry, sorry Mr. Salisbury), and I've always thought that it seems a great way to express yourself and your thoughts even if no one is reading. Personally, I tend to search out more personal blogs such as babefilets blog about starting her legal career in Moscow. That said, the fact that I read policitcal blogs but love personal blogs, I don't know exactly what this blog will be yet, merely a place for me to put words down in some sort of medium and encounter a random debate here and there.

So, I guess I'll welcome myself to the blog world.

1 comment:

Phil said...

Welcome the blogosphere! Just don't make stuff up unless it's on or near April 1st.